At Stork's Beak we teach the Art of Fencing as presented and interpreted from Historical Treatises, with particular focus upon the German Tradition

The Art of Fencing

The School currently focuses on teaching the German Tradition of Fencing or 'Kunst Des Fechtens' literal translation being the 'Art of Fencing'. Students initially start their training with the Longsword for the first few months and then progress to learn the Dussack and the Italian Two-Handed Sword or Spadone.

Equipment is provided for beginners at our classes, there is no annual membership or joining fee, and classes are charged at a low monthly fee or per session fee, with your first lesson being free. All you need to bring to your first class are some comfortable clothes (a pair of leather gloves can be useful, but not at all essential). To check specifics drop us an email. We always welcome beginners at any time of year and always have a number of new people in the class, so you won't be alone!

We have members from many varied training backgrounds, all ages and both sexes. Fitness is not a barrier to taking part - if you want to get fitter then it'll help and it won't be as boring as going to the gym!

The current historical sources the school bases it's teaching on include Joachim Meyer, Sigmund Ringeck and the works of Alfieri, Hutton and Riccardano.

How To Find Us

The School meets from 7:30pm - 9:30pm every Thursday in the Lower Hall of Kirk O'Fields Centre on Brown Street, or occasionally just round the corner in the upper hall (St Ninian's Hall, 140) on the Pleasance.

We also Meet at the Crags Sport Centre on a Sunday from 8:30pm, however this is a freeplay session aimed at experienced students, so please contact us in advance if you wish to attend on Sunday Evening.

The current cost of classes is 25(20 for Student members / Concessions) for 1 month or 7 per session.

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Longsword in Edinburgh