At Stork's Beak we teach the Art of Fencing as presented and interpreted from Historical Treatises, with particular focus upon the German Tradition


Andy Taylor has been studying Fencing for over 20 years. His particular interests are mainly concerned with the German Fechtschule fencing tradition of the 16th to 18th centuries & Classical Italian Foil of the 19th & early 20th centuries.

His fencing interests are primarily focussed around late 16th Century Fencing and Classical Italian Fencing. He primarily teaches Longsword, Italian Foil, Rappier and Dussack. Andy is a British Federation of Historical Swordplay certified instructor, has taught at numerous International Fencing events and has also succesfully played his prize for the rank of Freifechter with the Meyer Freifechter Guild.

How To Find Us


The School meets at our new venue from 7-9pm every Thursday at St Peter's on Lutton Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9PE.