At Stork's Beak we teach the Art of Fencing as presented and interpreted from Historical Treatises, with particular focus upon the German Tradition

The Art of Fencing

Please contact the Chief Instructor of the School, Andy Taylor at with any enquiries.

How To Find Us

The School meets from 7:30pm - 9:30pm every Thursday in the Lower Hall of Kirk O'Fields Centre on Brown Street, or occasionally just round the corner in the upper hall (St Ninian's Hall, 140) on the Pleasance.

We also Meet at the Crags Sport Centre on a Sunday from 8:30pm, however this is a freeplay session aimed at experienced students, so please contact us in advance if you wish to attend on Sunday Evening.

The current cost of classes is 25(20 for Student members / Concessions) for 1 month or 7 per session.

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Longsword in Edinburgh